Smart battery charger/maintainer 6V/12V 1A (Lead-Acid + Lithium)


Smart battery charger/maintainer 6V/12V 1A (Lead-Acid + Lithium)

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To keep your battery in good shape during the winter months and make a fresh start in the spring, Kawasaki offers a compact Smart battery charger. The Kawasaki Smart Battery Charger can charge and maintain traditional lead-acid, gel and new Lithium/LiFePo4 batteries.
– Smart battery charger BS10 (6Volt/12Volt, 1 Ampere) charger & maintainer with 9 charging stages.
– Lead Acid or Lithium technology. 
– Safety features: spark-free connection, reverse polarity protection, short circuit and internal overheat protection
– Max battery capacity for charging:  2-20Ah
– Supplied with isolated clamp set, 1 quick-connect extension cable with plug and EU wall-plug.
(EU plug to UK socket adapter plug available separately)

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